Green MP3 player

Wouldn’t be great to have a self-powering MP3 player? Zhiliang Chen from Hong Kong designed the green MP3 player. He used an old and forgotten technology.

Why this technology was forgotten? Because has a very low efficiency, but combined with today’s low energy consuming technology, in this case the MP3 player, has a great green future. I’m thinking of a self-powering cell phone (because I always forget to recharge it) or a self-powering iPod.

Green MP3 playerGreen MP3 player

Green MP3 player

Green MP3 player

I don’t know then will be in mass production, but I will buy one for me.

1. It should come as no

It should come as no surprise, then, that Pinterest
is fast becoming a top social networking tool. This tool (once called Pin -
Clout) is very similar to Facebook Insights.
The "following" and "followers" selection operates in the
same fashion as Google+ and Twitter.

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